On my search for role models I could identify with, I stumbled over these nonbinary artists. This is very special to me – for years I came to terms with the fact that people would forever see me as a guy who sometimes dresses girly. But when I saw these artists perform being neither man nor woman, or both, I finally came out and said “fuck it, I can do this too”. <3

Dorian Electra: Guyliner

“Because I’m a guy, don’t be surprised
If I take my time to glamorize
No reason why that I can’t try
To line my eyes, it feels so right”

Music Video: Guyliner

Ezra Furman: Suck the Blood from my Womb

“We’re finally out on our own
Now I see color coming back in your cheeks
Angel, don’t fight it
To them, you know, we’ll always be freaks”

Music Video: Suck the Blood from my Womb

SOPHIE: Immaterial

“Without my legs or my hair
Without my genes or my blood
I could be anything I want
Immaterial boys, immaterial girls
Anyhow, anywhere, any place, anyone that I want
Im-ma-ma-material, immaterial”

Lyric Video: Immaterial

das_synthikat: _herrscher

“Der Gott der mich geschaffen hat, wollte nur ne Rippe rauben
Kein Gott der nur zwei Geschlechter kennt wird jemals an mich glauben
Seit ein neues Lied erklingt, ist der Garten nicht mehr still
Wer sich neu erschaffen will, muss erst alte Götzen killn”

Song page: _herrscher

Princess Nokia: Tomboy

“With my little titties and my phat belly
I could take your man if you finna let me
It’s a guarantee that he won’t forget me
My body little, my soul is heavy”

Music Video: Tomboy

Kae Tempest: Ketamine for Breakfast

“Even though I’m doing good, I’m working hard, my work is strong
Might be fun just for a while to go back to where my hurt is from
Rinse myself through emptiness, and push my body close to
anybody who can recognise the presence of my ghost”

Song: Ketamine for Breakfast

Arca: Nonbinary

I don’t give a fuck what you think
You don’t know me, you might owe me
What a treat it is to be
Nonbinary, ma chérie”

Music Video: Nonbinary

Ezra Miller (Sons of an Illustrous Father): Extraordinary Rendition

“But do you feel the bones that you can’t own
Rattle the moans of the loner’s vacant cavities
Those echoes of tragedy
And now there’s a girl, a boy, void, a poison”

Music Video: Extraordinary Rendition

Grace Petrie: Black Tie

“And the images that fucked you were a patriarchal structure
no, you never will surrender to a narrow view of gender
and there’s folks you’ve yet to meet, but you’re exactly up their street
and they’ve been waiting just as long to hear someone sing this song”

Music Video: Black Tie

Evan Greer: Back Row

“we were outcasts, we were freaks
we were idealists, we believed
when the band played our favorite songs
we felt like we belonged”

Bandcamp: Back Row

Mogli (Früchte des Zorns): Mein Schönstes Kleid

“Ich werde mich so schön fühlen, wenn ich die Straßen entlang geh’
Und ich werde mich komplett fühlen, wenn ich in den Spiegel seh’
Und ich leb wie ich mich fühle und ich mach mich nicht mehr klein
Und ich werd’ dafür geliebt und ich kann ich selber sein”

Song: Mein schönstes Kleid

Gesesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle): Slug Bait

“I get your husband to your front bedroom
I cut his balls of with my knife KNIFE
I make him eat them right there
In front of his pregnant wife WIFE”

Song: Slug Bait

Miley Cyrus: Hate Me

“I wonder what would happen if I die
I hope all of my friends get drunk and high
Would it be too hard to say goodbye?
I hope that it’s enough to make you cry
Maybe that day, you won’t hate me”

Video: Hate Me

Mona & Hummel: Bist wie du bist

“Was ist überraupt n’ Mann und was ist eine Frau
Die Norm unserer Gesellshaft weißt das ganz genau
Geh doch mal und frag sie, sie hat es einverleibt
Die innere Zerrütung ist was bei mir bleibt
So viel haben scheiß Komplexe weil sie nicht
In die vorgegebenen Formen passen
Du kannst doch selbst entscheiden
Wer oder was du bist, steh zu dir!”

Album: Unüberwindbare Antipathie